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San-Tohno GroupProfessinal high-precision gear suppliers
Service Hotline+86-755-28172809

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Service Hotline:+86-755-28172809
Phone: +86-755-28172809
Address:the 10th industrial zone,Yongan Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong , China

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 Santohno Group Profile

     Headquartered in Hong Kong, Santohno group is one of the earliest professional technology enterprises manufacturing gearbox and precision plastic gears in China. After 25 years of stable operation, it has developed into a national high-tech enterprise which set R&D, design, manufacturing as one. 

     The business covers product development, precision plastic mold building, precision injection molding and automatic assembly. We are committed to providing customers with solution for transmission system and automatic production line. The main products are auto parts, gear boxes, precision plastic gears, and automation equipment and so on. 

     The products are widely used in automobile, robotics, smart home system, copier, printer and washing machine etc. Main customers include Magna, Guangzhou Koito, Ricoh, SIEMENS, Xerox, zebra which are world's top 500,  also include DJI-Innovations, UBTECH, BYD which are national high-tech enterprises.  


     Santohno has won honors and certificates such as "Excellent Supplier”, "Best Partner" and so on from customers for many times. There are two subsidiaries: SHENZHEN SAN-TOHNO INTELLIGENT TRANSMISSION CO.,LTD  and  KUNSHAN SAN-TOHNO ELECTRON CO.,LTD.

     Proactive staff promote the upgrading of products and process innovation continuously to provide high quality products and services for customers.

     Business philosophy: to create a reliable creation group, and provide satisfaction and surprises for customers.

Corporate vision: to become an excellent solution provider for transmission system.



     SHENZHEN SAN-TOHNO INTELLIGENT TRANSMISSION CO.,LTD was founded in May 1994 with around 570 people currently. The sales reached US$27.44 million in 2016.  Now it is the excellent supplier for customers such as Ricoh, Xerox, SIEMENS, Zebra, and Guangzhou Koito which are the world's top 500 enterprises.

SHENZHEN SAN-TOHNO INTELLIGENT TRANSMISSION CO.,LTD has 110 sets of precision injection molding machines with range from 5T to 200T, and equipment such as Sodick mirror EDM, wire-cut, hobbing machine, CNC machine, coordinate machine, milling machine, grinder, lathe etc. which can carry out molds building. In order to improve product testing ability and ensure quality, It is also equipped with advanced inspection equipment such as CMM, tool microscope, projector, tooth precision meshing tester, JIS measuring instrument and so on.

In the past 26 years, we have been operating diligently; facing the future, we are active and enterprising. The development and manufacturing of high-precision plastic gears and gear reducers is our focus, and providing customers with gear transmission solutions is our long-term strategic objective. We have grown into an excellent plastic gear supplier in Southern China.

The company has established an excellent team with rich experience in R & D, manufacturing, and management. Our quality, cost, time and service are highly recognized by clients. In the future, we will continue to work hard to create trustworthy creative groups and provide customers with satisfaction and surprise. 

| Kunshan SAN-TOHNO Electronics Co., Ltd

KUNSHAN SAN-TOHNO ELECTRON CO.,LTD was founded on June 10th, 2004 with registered capital US$4.6 million and annual sales above $9 million. It covers an area of 6800 square meters with staff more than 190 people. And it has passed TS16949 and ISO14001 certification. 

The company mainly produces precision injection molding gears, automobile injection molding parts, functional assembly parts, and precision insert molding parts, precision molds and so on, involving industrials such as office, automobile, home appliance, mold manufacturing and so on.  

At the same time, it established a long-term friendly cooperation relations with the world famous enterprises, such as RICOH, KOITO, TOYOTA etc..


KUNSHAN SAN-TOHNO ELECTRON CO.,LTD currently has 62 sets of injection molding machines with range from 5T to 200T, is also equipped with molds building equipment such as EDM, milling machine, grinding machine, lathe, spot welder and so on. Meanwhile, in order to improve product inspection ability and ensure the customer quality, KUNSHAN SAN-TOHNO ELECTRON CO.,LTD purchased advanced inspection equipment, such as CMM, tool microscope, projector, tooth precision meshing tester and so on.

      Since the establishment 16 years ago, Santohno has been creating heart culture factory with the management concept of “Unify people with career, attract people with environment, encourage people with inspirit, activate people with system, keep people with good development prospects ". 

     Meanwhile, company pay great attention to the improvement of employee self-valuation and take talent cultivation as one of the priorities. Often organize internal and external training for employees to improve their initiative of self-regulated learning and increase the vitality for enterprises innovation, so that enterprise can have a benign development. Quality is the basis of survival and innovation is the foundation of development. The company will continue to learn and integrate international advanced management experience, to continuously improve the quality / environment system and technology, and strive to become one of the most advanced enterprises in East China ELECTRONs industry.

Service Hotline+86-755-28172809

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