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Santohno Universal gearbox loading life tester was successfully produced

issuing time:2017-03-10 14:37:17
Gearbox life test is one of the most important performance indicators of the gear box, determine whether the gear box is practical, and the load test is the basic requirements of life testing, there is no common test equipment available for purchase, the use of manufacturers Are self-developed design.

As a professional gear manufacturer, how can Santohno don’t have its own testing tool? After two months of development efforts, a universal gearbox load life tester was produced, which is suitable for small gear box unit load for life testing. The instrument is a major highlight of the separation of electronic control and mechanical part. Mechanical parts can be placed in the temperature and humidity control box to test temperature and humidity environment life. The drive part of the gear box is controlled by programmable controller, and the working mode of the gear box can be optical customized, so that the scope of application of the instrument is wider. The successful manufacture of gear box loading life tester adds another solid foundation for Santohno’s gear box development.

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Service Hotline+86-755-28172809

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