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Service Hotline:+86-755-28172809
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Companies to carry out the annual full health examination

issuing time:2017-03-10 11:44:27
To protect and care for the health of employees, to help enterprises harmonious and stable development, the company on June 20 hand in Shenzhen Junlong Hospital carried out a full health examination activities. The company for the white night shift staff work time is different, developed a medical schedules, give priority to the night shift staff first physical examination to ensure that employees participate in physical examination in an orderly manner. The physical examination items, including liver function three, gallbladder three, kidney function four, blood lipid binomial, hepatitis B check, X-ray, ECG, B ultrasound, general inspection and other 9 items, so that employees all-round understanding of their own Health status. Companies to carry out regular full physical examination has been for many years, employees are said that regular health check is necessary, can make their own time to understand the physical condition, targeted prevention and treatment. The company hopes that the majority of employees in the spare time, did not forget to strengthen the physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, a healthy body and a positive attitude into the work of the company's contribution to the development of a force.

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Service Hotline+86-755-28172809

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Address:the 10th industrial zone,Yongan Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong , China
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