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San-Tohno GroupProfessinal high-precision gear suppliers
Service Hotline+86-755-28172809

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Service Hotline:+86-755-28172809
Phone: +86-755-28172809
Address:the 10th industrial zone,Yongan Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong , China

Manufacturing capacity

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I、Advantage in Precision Gear

1、Gear expert team

2、Five Advantages

◆First: Long-term technical support agreement from New-ton group in Japan
 New-ton group, gear mold manufacturers and gear institutes in Japan, represent the top technical level in gear production nowadays. Under the New-ton’s technical support, our company has engaged in the R&D and production of plastic gear for 20 years and provides high precision gears with high quality for world‘s  top five hundred enterprises, such as NICOH and XEROX. We are the leader in domestic plastic gear technology.

◆Second: Expert team has excellent local gear technology
 We has developed a stable, powerful technical team. From 20 years’ gear production experience, we succeeded in developing independently several molds for plastic helical gears whose precision is up to be ISO level 5 (JGMA level 0). The gear has been into mass production.

◆ Third: There are the most advanced gear mould processing and testing equipments
 The high precision gear grinder machine imported form Japan with original packaging, high precision jig grinding machine, high precision fine wire walking silk machine, high precision C axis linkage spark machine, gear mesh, synthetic gear measuring instrument and so on, are our hardware guarantees for gear manufacturing.

◆ Fourth: The most advanced gear injection production system
 Fully electric injection molding machine imported form Japan with original packaging, tailored automatic implant & remove system, mould pressure detection technology, the automatic proportioning system and precision dust-free molding workshops make up our proud gear injection production systems.

◆ Fifth: A relatively perfect system of standardized gear production
  Gear pro-evaluation inspection standard, mold-design standard module, standard mould frame, standard gear ring parts, gear mould processing standardization, check procedures for molding standard condition and so on, make up the gear production standardization system with its own feature.

II、Precision Gear Mold Making


Precision Gear Accuracy Inspection

For the precision measurement of internal gears and worms, Santohno researches and develops a measurement tool which can measure the internal gears and worms precisely.

IV、Precision Gear Injection System

The advantages of precision gear injection molding production:
◆ The whole electric precision servo control injection molding machine represents the top level in the industry. Its minimum residual change is within 0.01;
◆ Automatically remove and palletize products;
◆ Dust-free molding workshop is focused on injection molding of high precision, micro gears.

Automatic Molding of Precision insert-parts

ry Processing of Injection Molding Parts

VII、Automatic Assembly

VIII、Precision Gears Development

1、R&D Team:

Santohno R&D team consists of Technical consultant (doctor) from NEW-TON, vice GM, mechanical engineer who has got National Medal, expertized technician and other talents, who is committed to providing gear-driving solutions and solving technical issues.

Intelligent Gear Driver 

It’s applied in mobile telecommunication station, which controls the signal receiving and sending. Its gear driving requires 1/4.9million precision in 300° scope, and working well in oil-free environment. Santohno meet this high-demanding requirements  by elaborately adjusting the gear structure and selecting materials


Gear Planet Driver

It’s used for cleaning robot. And its input speed is 20000rpm,
which realize plastic gear replacing metal gear, and reduce the
total weight and noise.


Automotive Air-Conditioner Drive Troubleshooting 

Because of its noise and gear damage problems, the drive failed to go into mass production. Santohno solved all problems by adjusting gear structure parameters and elaborately selecting materials.

Automotive Clutch Assembly Properties Improvement 

The clutch took no effect because of absorbing under low
temperature. Santohno improved it by optimizing
gear structure and analyzing materials and doing experiments.

IX、Assembly of Precision Gears Drive

X、Function Inspection of Precision Gears Drive

High and low temperature performance test

Name:Programmable constant temperature and humidity test chamber
Volume: 50*60*50cm
Temperature control:±2°C
Humidity control:±5%RH


The gearbox vibration test

Max acceleration:17G

Gear noise test cases

Model: R&D
Range: more than 20Db

Gear box performance comprehensive test 


(1)Real-time output torque.
(2)Speed range.
(3)The change relationship between current、output speed and torque.
(4)Locked-rotor torque and current.
(5)The gearbox output shaft speed.
(6)Computer control.

Service Hotline+86-755-28172809

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